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Year In Review: ServeLouisville
December 10th, 2019  |  by


Some served for a week. Some served for just a day. Together, those participants logged more than 7,200 hours of volunteer service to help ServeLouisville provide missional living opportunities while also helping those in need in Louisville, KY.

What is missional living?

Our Missional Living Program provides affordable housing to individuals and families who have committed to spread the gospel in some of the communities in Louisville. Many of our Missional Living participants have the chance at homeownership they would not be able to attain on their own. In return, they commit to missional work for a minimum of five years.

ServeLouisville, by the numbers

We had 11 groups travel in to help our cause in 2019. These groups included 207 total participants, who logged about 4,000 cumulative hours of service. Through LocalLouisville, which provides single-day service opportunities, we had another 235 people serve for approximately 3,200 service hours in 502 days of service.

Through their hard work, we were able to complete or nearly complete ten houses for participants in our Missional Living program. Our volunteers also provided community service with local organizations such as Hope Place, Wayside Mission, Hotel Louisville, The Table, and Stormhaven Youth Ranch, where we helped remodel their barn.

Your contributions have helped individuals committed to Christ become homeowners, while also serving their communities.

Zach Motes moved into the historic Old Louisville neighborhood and focuses his missional work on his neighbors as well as students attending the University of Louisville.

Kevin and JoRae Bayless volunteer at Hope Place and host weekly meals for children in their diverse neighborhood, also organizing Bible studies.

Maurice and Rahuba Nsenga, who emigrated here from Rwanda as refugees, focus their missional work on assisting others making a similar journey while also remaining active in their church and neighborhood.

Kevan and Alex McCallum just moved into the Bruce Avenue neighborhood in Louisville, and plan to share the Light of Christ with other young families in their area while continuing to remain active at Southeast Christian Church Southwest Campus, where Alex leads the children’s ministry.

Brian and Lizzie Esterday now own a home in the Fairdale community, where they hope to provide fellowship and spread the word through neighborhood meals and Bible studies.

Our developmental fund makes it possible for families just like these to have opportunities at missional living. CrossRoads Missions organizes the logistics and support for ServeLouisville and each of our other fields of service. Our year-end fundraising campaign is seeking additional support that will go directly to our developmental fund, which will allow us to grow our ministry and serve even more people in 2020. When you contribute to our developmental fund, your generous donations have a direct and tangible impact on the lives of the people living in those areas we serve.

Click here to make your donation today. As a 501(c) non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible.

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