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CrossRoads' Chronicle - Serve Louisville Article 2.24
February 13th, 2024  |  by

Many of you may already know about CrossRoads’ extensive work across various regions like Mexico, New Orleans, Appalachia, and Western Kentucky. But did you know we’re also deeply committed to serving our local community right here in Louisville, KY?

Serve Louisville:

Since its inception in 2016, Serve Louisville has been a vital part of CrossRoads’ mission. Based at our home office, the Serve Louisville ministry actively engages volunteers, organizations, and funders in diverse projects aimed at making a tangible difference throughout the local community.

At the heart of our ministry is the idea of bringing hearts and hands together to serve others. Our team is devoted to assisting local individuals, ministries, and organizations in achieving their goals and extending their impact in ways they couldn’t manage alone. Just like CrossRoads Missions’ other fields of ministry, this is achieved by connecting local volunteers with opportunities to serve alongside our partners and by providing project oversight led by skilled leaders.

The Projects:

Over the years, CrossRoads’ Serve Louisville ministry has partnered with dozens of local, ministry-minded organizations on a wide variety of impactful projects, ranging from construction to community outreach across Louisville and its surrounding areas.

Recent projects include the revitalization of an inner-city community center through our partnership with Bloc Ministries. This center will serve as a vital hub for outreach activities, providing essential resources and support to local residents.

Another partnership is with Launch, a local real estate company whose mission is to serve the local refugee population by providing them with affordable, safe places to live.  Serve Louisville has teamed up with Launch to create welcoming spaces for refugee communities by constructing playgrounds, picnic and sports areas at their facilities. These projects enhance the quality of life for refugees as well as foster a sense community and belonging.

Another significant partnership is with Cope’s Hope, a local ministry dedicated to providing equine therapy to individuals with disabilities.  Serve Louisville originally partnered with Cope’s Hope to complete a riding facility and  to renovate an old farmhouse into ministry offices and on-site staff living quarters.  In 2024, our volunteers will be working to expand the  ministry facilities at Cope’s Hope to help meet the increased demand for their services and serve even more people in need.

The Volunteers:

The impact of Serve Louisville goes well beyond completing projects—it truly lies in the lives touched and transformed. This impact is felt not only by those being served by the ministry but also by those who serve.

Our group of local volunteers comprises about 60 retired and semi-retired individuals who generously dedicate their free time to serving others. Many of these volunteers, affectionately referred to as our “Carry to Skilled” volunteers, start with limited or no construction skills.  However, through daily, hands-on learning alongside experienced volunteers, those “Carry to Skilled” volunteers become “Skilled” volunteers over time.

Many of our volunteers have been with Serve Louisville for years, drawn not only by the satisfaction of serving others but also by the camaraderie and sense of community found in working alongside other dedicated, godly individuals. One of those volunteers, John Boyd, has been with Serve Louisville since its inception and now serves as the volunteer coordinator for Serve Louisville. Another success story is Andy Cole, who started out as a “Carry to Skilled” volunteer with Serve Louisville in 2022 and now serves as the Director of Communication for CrossRoads’ Help Build Hope ministry.

Get Involved:

Serve Louisville believes that together, we can make a real impact in our community. So, if you are a Louisville resident seeking volunteer opportunities, we need you!

Whether you are eager to roll up your sleeves and volunteer in the field on one of our construction projects, or you would prefer to help by becoming a financial partner, there is a place on our team for you! To get involved or to learn more about how you can support Serve Louisville’s mission, please visit our website or give us a call at 502-533-4084.

Come join hands and hearts with the CrossRoads’ Serve Louisville team as we continue to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need throughout our community.

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Dwight Plock
Dwight Plock
2 months ago

I volunteered for you once years ago , and have tried to connect with you again , but have not received the proper channels to connect again . Please contact me for helping in the metro Louisville area. Thanks



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