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Immigration Relief Fund Update
September 15th, 2020  |  by

CrossRoads Missions is excited to bring you an update of hope regarding our ongoing immigrant relief work in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Despite the dark times that both the United States and Mexico are going through battling COVID-19, we remain hopeful and diligent. God gives us the knowledge that He plans hope and a future for us, so we must carry that hope into our important work.

Spring Turns to Summer

This past spring, our staff and group of hard-working volunteers started events to help refugees and immigrants begin paperwork (such as the i-589) that will play an important role during the asylum process. These papers are extraordinarily complex forms that are quite difficult for anyone to complete on their own. Even with the knowledge and assistance of our staff, completing the paperwork alone averages out to be a four-hour process. Nonetheless, CrossRoads proudly helped 20 families fill out these painstaking forms. We hope to continue with this work throughout the summer so that refugees and their families seeking asylum have hope for a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, gatherings hosted at our community center until the month of March acted as both a connection point and safe haven for these refugees to gather, relax, and provide a sense of community.  Between refugees and our U.S. volunteers, attendance was close to 100 people during several of our events—creating a meaningful connection for our community and theirs to share stories and be involved in one another’s lives. We use these events as a time of worship and to share the gospel with refugees, as part of our continuing effort to shine the light of Christ in the world.

In partnership with the Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen, CrossRoads has used its resources to help many Venezuelan families establish themselves in the city. We pray that this stability grants them some security and comfort during this difficult phase in their lives. This partnership allows us to continue to provide meals for immigrants in Piedras Negras. Pastor Javier, the pastor at the soup kitchen, shares our belief that feeding the spiritual needs is just as important as the physical during our efforts.

Stuck at a Standstill …

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected live all around the globe. It’s had two major impacts on our work. First, the number of refugees that come into Piedras Negras seeking asylum in the U.S., has decreased significantly. Meanwhile, most of the world’s governments—including the United States’—suspending normal business, the refugees in Piedras Negras remain stuck in a bureaucratic limbo.

Meanwhile, there is some good news. The Good Samaritan open meal program has reopened, and resumed doing a spectacular job meeting the physical and spiritual needs of immigrants visiting the ministry. CrossRoads also has met many more families who have settled in our city, handing out hygiene gifts as part of an outreach program with donations from generous supporters just like you. And our Mexico team has resumed doing work days once a week. We have invited several of our refugee friends to join in the work in the neighborhood and each receives a day’s wage for their labor.

Because The Ranch exists outside the city limits of Piedras Negras in an isolated area, we are fortunate that operations there have been able to continue as usual throughout the pandemic crisis. This facility provides shelter and food for people who otherwise would be living on the streets and have nowhere else to turn. The Ranch currently houses several refugees families awaiting  their immigration paperwork, which remains at a standstill due to the pandemic.

What You Can Do

These people need your continued help and support. You can get involved with the CrossRoads immigrant relief fund through prayer, serving, and giving. Pray for the immigrants so that God may use us to help work through this. You can serve local ministries who work with immigrants, or you can join us in our journey once travel restrictions are removed. In the meantime, we ask that you give. Physical items that we need include non-perishable items, such as Walmart gift cards, instant coffee, Jello, T-shirts, and games. These donations can be mailed to CrossRoads Missions 2014-C E. Main Street Eagle Pass TX 78852. Monetary donation can be given to our cause online.

These financial contributions are badly needed as our budget dwindles. We need help to continue meeting our monthly expenses of $3,920, which break down as follows:

-$400 for services provided at The Ranch
-$1000 to provide meals in partnership with the Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen
-$200 for medical needs
-$500 for fuel monthly
-$20 on border tolls
-$400 for general care.
-$350 for shopping
-$250 for a driver
-$400 for vehicle repairs and maintenance
-$100 for immigrant jobs
-$300 for gatherings

When you choose to help our immigration relief fund, it represents an opportunity for you as God’s children to show love to a world in need. We urge you to show love for thy neighbor, as thyself. To learn more or see a complete list of ways for you to be involved, visit



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