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2022 Year in Review
December 14th, 2022  |  by

As the year ends, we want to take the time to reflect and see the impact that God has made in all of our fields this year. With thousands of volunteers and hundreds of projects, the impact is tremendous, but a few stories stand out.

As the year ends, we want to take the time to reflect and see the impact that God has made in all of our fields this year. With thousands of volunteers and hundreds of projects, the impact is tremendous, but a few stories stand out.


The Maytown community that we have served for years suffered a devastating flood this year. While the damage was great, the outpour of assistance was far greater. Not only did groups from around the region immediately come to serve, but locals came to serve their neighbors. Nathan Reffitt is one of those locals, and he recently said in an interview “I look forward to each and every group that comes in… ‘Cause if it wasn’t for the center here and everything, I would have never met Matt Garrett that brought me to the Lord. It changed my life. And it’s all because of CrossRoads and the people CrossRoads’s brings.”

Volunteers gutting a home immediately after the flood


We had the opportunity to be a part of Claudia and her son’s life. Claudia is an immigrant from Honduras. She stayed with us for several months and was very involved in our immigrant ministry as well as helping serve and being great blessing to our team. Her son Jairo always brought enthusiasm and energy everywhere he went.

Claudia and Jairo were accepted into the United States, but the plans that Claudia had made for housing in the States were very different than what she expected. In a very complicated situation, it was important to help her relocate quickly. Avoca Christian Church from Bristol, TN had served with us several weeks before and got to know Claudia during their trip. Their youth leader, Will, was able to pick them both up and house them for a few days. From there Claudia has gone on to stay with the family of one of our interns, Naomi McNaughton, in Springfield, MO that had gotten connected to CR through a trip earlier this year. It was great seeing these widespread moving pieces come together as a connected body of followers.

Claudia and Jairo while staying in Piedras Negras

New Orleans

Our groups in New Orleans assist in outreach with the New Orleans Mission, a homeless mission in the center of the city. Volunteers pack bagged lunches and take them to individuals so that they can pray together. One group of students from Creekside Christian Church spent time getting to know one individual. They talked for a long time and prayed together. A few days later we got a call from the staff of the Mission. That man that the students spent time with had entered the discipleship program! He went on to explain that the conversation with those boys had reached him in a way that no other outreach had before.

Students from Creekside praying with a man under the bridge

Western KY

At CrossRoads Missions, we use our God-given talents and passions to do what we believe God has created each of us to do: serve others. Through construction and disaster relief efforts we see lives changed, both physically and spiritually. One changed life this year is Mike.

Mike lost his home to the devastating tornados in Western Kentucky on December 10th, 2021. CrossRoads Missions’ volunteers showed up for Mike to provide help and hope in the rebuilding process. As a result, we are happy to report that Mike will be in his home for the holidays. He also encountered the love of Christ and is planning to go on a mission trip so he can do for others what CrossRoads Missions did for him.

Homeowner Mike (right) standing in his new house with Western KY Project Manager Curtis (center) and Director of CrossRoads Rob (left)

And more…

2022 had many great stories. It was a record-breaking year for Help Build Hope. The first year for Western KY was a huge success with over 40 homes renovated by over 500 volunteers. Louisville started new local partnerships and big projects. The flood in Appalachia brought the community together. Partners in New Orleans recovered from a hurricane and a tornado. Mexico has served hundreds of refugees through food, clothing, and English lessons. And we are on track for 2023 to have even more impact than before.


Do you want to be part of the story in 2023? Here are some ways you can help:

DONATE – our fields operate on donations and your contribution makes our ministry possible

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