Our Purpose

Louisville expands community partners’ presence and outreach while providing relationships by bringing together local churches, organizations, and community members through service projects, youth events, and community outreach. CrossRoads Missions provides programming expertise, staffing, funding, volunteers, materials, and other essentials to local partners with identified community needs.

Our Field

In the 27 years that Crossroads Missions has been in Louisville, our programming has grown beyond the city to include surrounding counties. We serve missional families/community advocates, veterans, churches, local nonprofits, and faith-based organizations.

The success of this program requires several different components, all working together:

-Construction: Whether we are renovating an existing property or building a new home from the ground up, this is a cornerstone of our work and improves the almost 20 impoverished or disaffected neighborhoods in Louisville.
-Connection: Working with out-of-town volunteers and local individuals and groups in the Louisville area, we provide service opportunities that improve communities while allowing families a chance at homeownership.
-Community Advocates: We have partnered with several churches in the Louisville area, which connect us with good missional candidates – individuals or families. This provides people living in those missional homes with a support system that emphasizes discipleship and accountability.
-Community Outreach: We connect volunteers with nonprofits to perform every kind of community service imaginable. From construction to meals to school supplies, we help as many underserved populations as funding allows.

Our Partners

Fuller Center for Housing
Hope Place, a church-centered community development organization.
Awake Ministries, equipping individuals with the essential resources for an abundant life. John 10:10
Portland Promise, a community center located in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.
Veteran’s Rural Outreach, serving veterans in need of food, shelter, clothing, and care.
The Table, a non-profit, pay-as-you-can, farm-to-table cafe located in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood.
Stormhaven Youth Ranch, rescuing horses and offering therapy to youth in need.
Wayside Christian Mission, tackling the root causes of homelessness using a proven holistic approach.

The Details

A typical weeklong trip with Louisville includes:

-Praise/devotionals/teaching – We have times of praise, personal devotions, and instruction to prepare and challenge us throughout the week.

-Construction projects – CrossRoads Missions’ staff will lead you in a wide variety of construction projects for people of all skill levels. Trained staff and interns will supervise concrete, drywall, tile, roofing, painting, and other various jobs.

-Community programs – During the week, your team will spend time engaging and serving alongside other workers from local organizations and volunteers from across the nation as we work together towards community transformation.

-Outreach – Your team will spend time serving alongside other workers from local organizations and volunteers from across the nation and participate in selected community activities in the neighborhoods we serve.