Do you live in or near Louisville, Ky., and are you seeking opportunities to serve or donate funds? Then the LocalLouisville program could be what you are looking for. CrossRoads Missions ServeLouisville offers this program as part of our Missional Living/Community Advocate Program.

Our Purpose

Through our Missional Living/Community Advocate Program, CrossRoads Missions ServeLouisville provides affordable housing to families who have committed to sharing faith and encouragement in their new community. These families agree to engage in missional and community advocacy work in their new neighborhoods for five years and have an opportunity at homeownership they would not have received otherwise.

The success of this program requires several different components, all working together:

-Construction: Whether we are renovating an existing property or building a new home from the ground up, this is a cornerstone of our work and improves the almost 20 impoverished or disaffected neighborhoods in Louisville.
-Connection: Working with out-of-town volunteers and local individuals and groups in the Louisville area, we provide service opportunities that improve communities while allowing families a chance at homeownership.
-Community Advocates: We have partnered with several churches in the Louisville area, which connect us with good missional candidates – individuals or families.

This provides people living in those missional homes with a support system that emphasizes discipleship and accountability.
-Community Outreach: We connect volunteers with nonprofits to perform every kind of community service imaginable. From construction to meals to school supplies, we help as many underserved populations as funding allows.