Piedras Negras, Mexico

Seeking to provide for those in need and serve as Christ did, ServeMexico transforms the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico, with love and compassion by working alongside and empowering already-existing ministries through construction projects and outreach programs.


CrossRoads Missions has been present in Piedras Negras, Mexico (on the Texas Border), for more than a quarter-century. Past construction projects include two churches, two schools, an orphanage, and a neighborhood of many single-family homes with a community center. Outreach programs have included soccer camps, medical clinics, soup kitchens, hospital feeding programs, community events, and other activities depending on needs.

About Piedras Negras

Located at the northern border of Coahuila in Mexico, Piedras Negras sits across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Texas, about 150 miles southwest of San Antonio, Texas. The city’s population is approximately 250,000 and continues to grow. Due to its border location, the city is significantly influenced by the U.S. in religion, media, and even language.


Volunteer teams spend time serving in the community by getting plugged into our ongoing service programs. Group participants work together to display a testimony of God’s love and meet essential needs through construction projects and outreach programs to empower local partners to bring sustainable change in their community so that when we leave, the ministry of Jesus continues. Construction projects in the Mexico field are primarily aimed toward finishing homes on the remaining 10 lots available in Piedra Angular and existing CrossRoads facilities within the neighborhood. These projects provide homeownership for local residents. All homes are sold at an affordable cost creating rare, attainable, quality housing.

There are also often opportunities to assist our local partners with the upkeep and renovation of their facilities. CrossRoads staff, interns, and local professionals will supervise work including concrete, drywall, tile, roofing, painting, and other various work projects. Outreach programs include community events and feeding programs. Our current outreach focus is refugee relief work. We offer a housing place at The Ranch, dispense groceries for individual families, and provide rides to church on Sundays. Different ways that our teams get plugged in are by grocery shopping, cooking a meal, and engaging with our refugee friends.


The participant fee covers supplies for construction, outreach, lodging, meals and supplies for worship and devotions. This DOES NOT include travel meals or lunch on Sunday at the Market.

  • Pickup in Eagle Pass, TX $600
  • Pickup in San Antonio, TX $675