Help Build Hope

Are you looking for a way to serve or fund an affordable housing project closer to home? 

CrossRoads Missions’ Help Build Hope brings these volunteer program opportunities to you. We travel across the United States as subject matter experts in construction. We partner with local affordable housing partners to identify families and individuals needing services. We provide expert oversight in the form of boots on the ground, heavy equipment, vehicles, and many tools and materials. We hold construction projects to build frame walls that become new homes for needy, deserving families. These projects take place right in your hometown. All you need to do is show up with the rest of your local group or organization.


Our Purpose

Building partnerships, building community, building relationships, and building affordable homes. That’s what we are about at Help Build Hope. Our events provide an excellent opportunity to help others and make a lasting impact on a family in need while also encouraging team-building and corporate social responsibility. There is a great need for affordable housing in the United States. As of 2020, over 50 million people live in poverty, and over 13 million spend more than half of their income on housing. 1 in 4 housing markets is not affordable by historical standards. Millions more are living with issues such as a hole in their roof, broken windows, crumbling foundations, inadequate plumbing, no running water, improper heating or no heat whatsoever, or exposed wiring—to name a few.

We build frame walls by Building Partnerships, Building Relationships, Building Community, and Building Homes, bringing the event to your organization’s parking lot.

These events allow people of all ages to participate. Our partners receiving these walls help others achieve affordable home ownership. The walls provide a way to reduce costs for Habitat for Humanity and Fuller Centers for Housing and allow them to complete the homes faster.

Our partners

Habitat for Humanity
Isaiah 117 House

The Details

Help Build Hope brings each construction project for a new home to your local business, organization, convention, church, or school parking lot. Volunteers and our experienced full-time staff frame the walls for a new home donated to one of our partnering organizations. We transport the completed frame walls to the partner organization, which finishes the rest of the project. Our events are flexible and can be customized. A build can take place in a single day or over a weekend. We can build the frames for a single home or, depending on participation, as many as 30 homes. Your organization will identify how many wall frames you want to build. We recommend planning for 80 to 120 participants per home. Individuals of any age are welcome to participate. Children 16 and under need a guardian present.

The Cost

The price of each Help Build Hope project varies depending on the weather at that time of year, your location, and the project’s size. Often local hardware stores and lumberyards are willing to donate materials or provide materials at reduced rates. Event expenses:-Building materials-Transport of the completed walls-Tools-Equipment-Help Build Hope volunteer participant fees-A monetary donation to the recipient organization.

Your host organization will be responsible for providing or securing housing for our staff and all food and meal prep during the event.

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