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3231 Ruckreigel Parkway, Suite 111
Louisville, KY 40299


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Tel: 502.713.4859
Fax: 502.290.9041


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Tim Anderson
For Booking Inquiries please contact Tim Anderson




Telephone: 502.410.4290

Andy Cole
Director of Communications
Raymond Bodley
Director of Engagement
Chip Parks
Southwest Help Build Hope Project Coordinator


Joe Wilson
Build Hope Project Coordinator

Telephone: 502.713.4859

Jerry Toby
ServeLouisville Director
Dwight Gwinn
Project Manager

Telephone: 812.406.6045

Judy Lopez
Field Director
Amanda Rodriguez
Director of Operations
Matt Johnson
Project Manager
Gustavo Colmenares
Field Consultant
Ramon Moreno
Outreach Coordinator & Facilities Manager

Telephone: 812.406.6045

CJ Noe
Group Coordinator

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Telephone: 812.406.6045

Alex Mulvaney
Project Manager
Allie Copeland
Group Coordinator




Telephone: 812.406.6045

Dylan McGowan
Group Coordinator

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