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50,000 masks made ... and counting!
August 6th, 2020  |  by

CrossRoads Missions is proud to announce that, in July, our mask production efforts surpassed our 50,000-mask milestone. Working together through our partnership with Digital Promotions, 502Cares, and H3: Helping Healthcare Heroes, CrossRoads has been providing hospital-grade masks for healthcare workers, first responders, and other personnel in the medical field throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Our masks have been donated to 160 different organizations at no cost.

None of this would have been possible without our donors, partners, and volunteers. Crossroads Missions received donations from 82 different contributors, including seven churches. Total monetary donations to our mask production efforts equaled $57,000.

With near global shutdown, and worldwide quarantine, not even a Pandemic can squash the spirit of service within the local church,” says Rob Minton, Executive Director of CrossRoads Missions. “Thousands of hours, hundreds of volunteers and more than 50,000 masks later, CrossRoads Missions continues to mobilize the church and its people to meaningful acts of service, ministry and love. These 50,000-plus masks were given away to those who have served all of us on the front lines. We are so thankful for those who we serve with and those whom we serve.”

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) gave $10,000 towards our mask mission.

Southbrook City Lights and Southbrook Church, both located in Miamisburg, OH, contributed towards the production and distribution of masks frontline workers in the area of Dayton, Ohio.

CrossRoads Missions is especially grateful to our volunteers, many of whom worked tirelessly to help our efforts. At least 35 of our volunteers regularly worked 4-5-hour shifts—with almost half of those working 10 or more shifts. In total, CrossRoads’ volunteers worked more than 550 4-hour slots to produce our masks.

Without all of our volunteers, partners, and donors, reaching our 50,000-mask goals would never have been possible. The COVID-19 crisis has provided a new opportunity of us, as children of God, to give back to the world. It has been of utmost importance for CrossRoads Missions to spread the love with our mask donations to those who are serving on the frontlines. We hope to continue to support our first responders, law enforcement officers, and healthcare workers who keep us healthy and safe.

CrossRoads would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making a difference during these uncertain and unsettling times. Crossroads Missions asks that you remember Romans 14:19: Let us, therefore, follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

Continue to stay safe, and show love for your neighbors as you would yourself. To learn more or see a complete list of ways for you to be involved in the work that CrossRoads Missions has been doing and continues to do, you can visit our website.

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