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2020 Mexico Dates Announced!
May 21st, 2019  |  by

We recognize that many volunteer groups and organizations plan their service opportunities well in advance. As a result, CrossRoads Missions is proud to announce our entire 2020 schedule of mission trips to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

Learn more about CrossRoads

CrossRoads Missions works with both churches and individuals to provide service opportunities that likely would not be possible for them to find on their own. We offer trips to four primary geographic fields of service. These trips are available to both individuals and groups and are open to individuals of any age. When in the field, CrossRoads volunteers get involved in a variety of different aspects of real-life ministry, including building construction, medical missions, community outreach, education, disaster relief, evangelism, or worship.

We are a 501 (c) non-profit organization.

More about Piedras Negras, Mexico

The history of CrossRoads’ work in Piedras Negras is about as long as the history of the organization itself. CrossRoads volunteers have constructed 34 homes in the Piedra Angular neighborhood, all of them populated by Christian families who have committed to missional living. Two more homes could be completed before 2019 is over, raising the total number of homes to 36 dwellings.

Located on the northern border of Coahulla, Piedras Negras is a border city with an approximate population of 250,000 that is located directly across from Eagle Pass, Texas, separated by the Rio Grande River. The population has grown in recent months, with the influx of thousands of refugees who had traveled to the border to petition the United States for religious and/or political asylum.

Click here to check out the full schedule of 2020 trips to Piedras Negras. Make a booking at any time using the convenient online registration system at our website,

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