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Mexico to the US
May 25th, 2021  |  by
refugee ministry piedras negras
good-bye get together with 115 refugees

“After almost 2 years of getting to know our asylum-seeker friends under the MPP (Remain in Mexico) program with U.S. immigration, they are crossing into the United States!” The leaders in our Mexico field have been posting several stories and pictures of families being reunited, traveling to their new homes in the United States, and remembering their time in Piedras Negras. Amanda shared, “We are so happy that our friends are being reunited with family members in their final destinations in the United States, but we are also sad to have to say goodbye to some incredible people!”

refugee ministry across the border
Welcome to the US!

Our staff in Piedras has been working with asylum seekers waiting on their paperwork to be processed. The system stalled during covid, but once the paperwork started being processed again many of those new friends began moving across the border. Due to their dedication to the Refugee Ministry and the city of Piedras Negras, CrossRoads was asked by ACNUR Comite español (UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency) to act as correspondents to those seeking asylum under the MPP program. According to their website, “the Agency works in 135 countries to meet the needs of all the people who have had to flee due to war, persecution or the violation of human rights.” Our staff spent several days transporting asylum seekers across the border to a shelter in Eagle Pass, Texas. “We crossed around 650 people over ten days. 450 ish were from Piedras and the rest were from Acuña, Saltillo, and Monterrey,” Matt told us after a busy two weeks.
Once in the US, they worked with CBP to help transport people to the shelter Mission: Border Hope. This organization helps to finish paperwork and provide transportation to their final destination. “We believe that all God’s people are worthy of an abundant life and are willing to invest our presence, our prayers, and our gifts to help those in need,” Mission: Border Hope explains on their website. They regularly post stories from refugees, and added this to a recent story: “Judy, Amanda, and Matt have been helping us with rides from the bridge to our shelter! Thank you very much friends for your help and thank you and CrossRoads Missions for all your love and support to these families during all this time!”

refugee ministry partners in the united states
Mission: Border Hope is a shelter in Eagle Pass, TX that also helps transport refugees to their final destinations.

We are keeping in contact with our friends during this process and keeping up with their lives as they settle into life in their new homes. One of those friends is Mike, who not only became a good friend but also helped with volunteer groups and projects in Piedra Angular. “Mike was with us in Piedras Negras waiting out his asylum case for almost two years. He was a great blessing to the community of our city and to the ministry of CrossRoads Missions,” posted the Mexico team.

baptism in refugee ministry
Mike being baptized at the ranch in Piedras.

Mike is now in Stillwater, Oklahoma and shared this about his time in Piedras Negras:
“ I feel very blessed to have found a community of people who love Jesus. I had an incredible experience with CrossRoads and Bethany Church, and God has shown me His Grace and Mercy. The CrossRoads groups that come have also shared with us, and we have exchanged stories about what it means to follow Jesus. Our differences in culture and language were never a barrier for us to make new friends. Bethany Church has people from all over the world that worship together, and God has taught us to love each other. God has worked in many ways in the hearts of people at our church, and many have made important decisions to follow Him. I found a family there, and I made the decision to be baptized and obey God’s word. The best part was the opportunity I had to serve and help the immigrant community in Piedras Negras. Jesus puts us all in specific places to do His work and I’m sure He is using all of you where you are too!”
There are many more stories like Mike’s and hundreds of lives impacted by the Refugee Ministry. Our team in Piedras gave this update: “Thanks to financial support and donations from supporters, endless prayers from prayer warriors, and encouragement and participation from our groups, God has done some great things these last couple years! We have seen God at work in a lot of our friends’ lives throughout our ministry with them – we’ve witnessed 7 baptisms, overcrowded church services, and many people accepting Jesus as their Savior. We can’t wait to see what He has in store for them and their families.”

refugee minstry
Saying goodbye to friends at the border.

If you would like to be part of impacting lives through the Refugee Ministry, consider one of these options below!
“Please PRAY with us that these families would adapt to their new lives in the United States, that they would find jobs, find friends, and most importantly continue to seek God,” encourages our Mexico team.
VOLUNTEER for the ministry by booking a trip with us to Piedras Negras!
To DONATE, head to our donation page or text GIVEHOPE2020 to 71777.
Ongoing Monthly Needs:
• $10/month can provide ONE aid package for a refugee family
• $35/month can provide food for ONE resident at The Ranch
• $50/month can provide food and support for ONE person at the Good Samaritan Open Meal Program
• $75/month can provide fuel for ONE 15-passenger van to transport refugees to/from church and grocery shopping for refugees

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