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Volunteer Spotlight - John Boyd - September 2023
September 7th, 2023  |  by

Meet John Boyd, a remarkable individual whose journey with CrossRoads Missions began in 2016, and has since become a shining example of dedication, compassion, and the transformative power of volunteering.

John’s introduction to CrossRoads Missions was through his involvement with Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY where he serves as one of their head ushers. It was within this community that he first heard about CrossRoads and its mission to serve those in need through construction projects. Intrigued by the opportunity to make a tangible impact, John took the leap and volunteered with CrossRoads on construction projects in the west end. What initially started as a way to give back quickly evolved into a love for the camaraderie he found and the blessings he both received and shared through his volunteer work. Today, almost 7 years later, John serves as the volunteer coordinator for CrossRoads Missions, a role in which he excels due to his love for people and his attention to detail.  In his role, John is responsible for maintaining a list of all local volunteers and for putting together a schedule of projects each week that maximizes the skill sets of those volunteers.  It’s a job he cherishes and one for which he refuses any payment other than the satisfaction of serving the needs of others.

For John, volunteering with CrossRoads Missions has been nothing short of life-changing. He shares that it has infused his walk with Christ with a newfound sense of purpose. The experience of coming together with like-minded individuals to serve the kingdom has left an indelible mark on his spiritual journey.

When asked about the most impactful moments he’s encountered during his time with CrossRoads, John humbly admits that there are countless instances that have touched his heart. He speaks passionately about the unique high he experiences when working alongside other godly men, serving a purpose greater than themselves.  John says that “the joy and fulfillment derived from these volunteer experiences are unlike anything I’ve ever encountered.”

John’s enthusiasm for volunteering is infectious, and he actively encourages others to find ways to plug into the world of volunteering. He firmly believes that just as it has done for him, volunteering has the potential to completely transform one’s outlook on life. To those who are considering taking the leap, he extends an invitation: Spend just one day volunteering with CrossRoads Missions on a job site, and you’ll likely find yourself hooked on something greater, more fulfilling, and even more addictive than any other pursuit.

When it comes to the supporters and donors of CrossRoads Missions, John has a heartfelt message. He urges them to allow the Holy Spirit to guide their support, emphasizing the incredible impact that the organization has had over the last three decades. John underscores the essential role that generous financial contributions and volunteer support have played in spreading the gospel and meeting the needs of communities throughout the United States and Mexico.

In John Boyd, CrossRoads Missions has found a dedicated volunteer whose commitment and passion embody the spirit of service and selflessness. His journey from an initial volunteer to a dedicated advocate for the organization’s mission is a testament to the life-changing impact that CrossRoads has on both its volunteers and the communities it serves.

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