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Made to Serve: Uniting Hearts through Service on CrossRoads Missions' Radio Show
March 6th, 2024  |  by


For nearly three decades, CrossRoads Missions has been a beacon of community service and transformation across the United States and Mexico. In 2023, we expanded our reach with the launch of our new radio show, “Made to Serve.” Hosted by Rob Minton, Executive Director, Rich Shanks, Director of Advancement, and joined by CrossRoads Missions’ new Manager of Special Projects, Vince Cain, this weekly program aims to ignite the spirit of service and connection among listeners while highlighting the impactful work of volunteers.


“We believe that we are all meant to help others,” says Rich Shanks, emphasizing the biblical verse from Ephesians 2:10 as the guiding principle behind the show’s mission. “Our aim for ‘Made to Serve’ is to act as a platform that inspires individuals to utilize their God-given talents and passions for the benefit of others.”

One common challenge we often hear from people is knowing where or how to get involved in serving others. “That is exactly what CrossRoads does,” explains Rob Minton. “Our mission is to mobilize the church in meaningful missions and service. What better way to do that than by making people aware of the many opportunities for service within our community and then helping them get connected with those who need their help?


Through engaging stories and conversations with volunteers, ministry leaders, and those who have been served, “Made to Serve” delves into how service brings people together, fosters friendships, and leaves a lasting impact. “The cool thing about serving,” Rich Shanks adds, “is that it very often results in as significant an impact in the life of the volunteer as it does for those being served.”

“Made to Serve” isn’t exclusive to people who go on mission trips; it’s for everyone, everywhere, emphasizes Rob Minton. “The show is all about how serving changes both the giver and the receiver, demonstrating how we’re all affected by acts of kindness.”

With Vince Cain joining the team, “Made to Serve” dives even deeper into the importance of lending a helping hand. Together, they share stories that inspire listeners to find ways to serve in their own communities, illustrating how we’re all connected through our experiences and how God has uniquely gifted each of us to help others.

Whether you’re in Louisville or listening from afar, “Made to Serve” offers hope and encouragement. Tune in to PURE Radio 92.3 FM every Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM Eastern, or click here to listen to all episodes on SoundCloud to join the movement of service, friendship, and shared humanity. Together, let’s embrace the truth: we’re all “Made to Serve.”

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