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Education in Transition - The Ranch School
September 21st, 2023  |  by
Immigrant Ministry

If you have been following the ministry of CrossRoads Mexico over the last five years, you have seen the major effort of our staff to assist immigrants on the border waiting to enter the US. The Mexico team works year-round to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of immigrants staying at The Ranch, a patch of land that was graciously opened to immigrants in need of shelter. The immigrant ministry includes weekly grocery boxes, carpools to church on Sundays, a clothing closet, and much more.

A family staying at The Ranch receives their weekly grocery box, which contains food and needed personal items.

It is not only adults who are seeking to enter the US, entire families make the long and dangerous journey to the border in the desperate hope of a better life. Young kids often go months without education, some have never been to school at all.

Read some family’s stories in this Facebook album

Filling the need

Larissa Montero is a Piedras Negras native with a degree in educational psychology. While she was working at a local school, she volunteered with CrossRoads in her free time. Leading up to spring break, Larissa was convicted about the lack of education for the children staying at The Ranch. She shared her story and inspiration with us via email:

“One of my dreams has always been to serve and share with people that are going through difficult times. In February 2022, God gave me the opportunity to volunteer with CR Mexico – making food baskets and preparing English class curriculum for American groups to carry out in schools here in our city… The whole time I was thinking that the time was passing and the kids at The Ranch weren’t receiving education. Before my spring break arrived I was talking with Judy Minton about some basic classes for the kids, she said ‘of course!, absolutely!’

God put on my heart the education of the immigrant children in our city and gave me the privilege to start the “Ranch School” for these young people who have not had the opportunity to be in school due to their migration. Through this program we have had the opportunity to love them, share God’s Word, and teach some basic concepts (especially English) to these children before they enter the USA.”

Back to School!
Teachers, translators, volunteers, and students take a lunch break together in the Health and Wellness classroom

Larissa led one week of the Rach School while on her spring break. With the assistance of translators, other teachers, and volunteers from across the US, the school was able to teach classes in Bible, English, Art, Human Rights, Spanish, Math, and Physical Education. “The school was a blessing for all the people that got involved, the students were very happy!” explains Larissa, “They were all the time asking for new classes, it was a blessing and gift for my heart.”

Watch a video recap of the Ranch School on YouTube

After such a huge success, the Mexico team decided to continue the school under the direction of Judy and with the continued assistance of translators, interns, and short-term volunteer groups. Throughout the spring the children received a variety of lessons from teachers and volunteers alike. More importantly they received love and attention from everyone involved, beginning to heal some of the traumatic experiences involved with fleeing one’s home.

Continuing Education
Circling up for a time of prayer after classes

Larissa was so moved by her experience working at The Ranch with CrossRoads that she has started a year-long internship with the Mexico team! Alongside the full-time staff and fellow interns, she will be assistant teaching at the English House and continuing her ministry with children at The Ranch!

Starting in September, Larissa has re-started the Ranch School. Every Wednesday she teaches classes at The Ranch, and the children come to Piedra Angular on Fridays for more classes!

Text Larissa to 71777 to support Larissa and the ministry!

Support Larissa and her ministry with immigrant children!
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Judy Minton
Judy Minton
7 months ago

It’s such a privilege to meet and teach these little ones



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