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What can you expect if you sign up for a trip with CrossRoads Missions?
February 20th, 2019  |  by

What can you expect if you sign up for a trip

What can you expect if you sign up for a trip with CrossRoads Missions?

You can expect to go and provide aid, fellowship and ministry to individuals in need of a helping hand.

You can expect to do work to improve and even transform a community.

You can expect to bond with your fellow volunteers and strengthen your faith.

However, you're not just changing lives. The work might change you, as well.

Jennifer Veigel participated in our Appalachia field, which is based in Floyd County, KY, last summer.
Recently, she was kind enough to reflect on her experiences…

“It’s been over six months since I was in Kentucky for my missions trip, but there is not a day that goes
by that I do not think about the people I encountered or the lessons that I learned. I truly believe God
led me to Kentucky so I was reminded of how much I enjoy serving others and seeing the joy on their
faces. I have challenged myself to continue to serve my community in a variety of ways since my trip,
and I continue to pray for opportunities and the courage to yes.

“The friendships that were forged on this trip continue to be a blessing to me. Although I do not
interact with the interns on a regular basis, I love seeing their Facebook updates of how God is
working in their lives. This week changed my life in a variety of ways, but the most important is taking
time each night to pause and think about how I saw God. We did this each night during the trip, and
this is something that has stuck with me. God is everywhere and sometimes we miss seeing Him
because of the hustle and bustle of our day.”

Veigel also wrote about her experience on her CrossRoads trip in an entry on her personal blog. Read
what she had to say here .

Are you ready to see how a CrossRoads Missions trip can change people's lives, including your own?
Our full schedule of trips for 2019 has been released. Sign up today using our convenient online
registration system .

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