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Year-End Giving Campaign Under Way!
December 17th, 2018  |  by

The Words of Jesus are simple and clear: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.”

We look around and see so many in our world in need: families searching for affordable housing, the homeless, widows, widowers, single parents and those underserved in our communities barely getting by. We have so many opportunities to be Jesus in our world.

It is tempting to think that the darkness in this world is too dark. But we believe what Jesus said:

“Light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1:5 ESV

“He who is in you is greater that he who is in the world.” John 4:4 ESV

For the past 25 years, CrossRoads Missions has been passionate about providing opportunities in community transformation through mission trips to one of our fields of service. Through your support, our construction ministry platform is transforming the world one house, one street, and one neighborhood at a time. Together we are being the light in a dark world.

In 2019, we want to do even more at CrossRoads. Through our six fields of service and the hard work of more than 20,000 volunteers, 2018 was a record-setting year for us. Our four permanent fields combined for nearly 70 separate trips. Our volunteers went to work building homes, providing needed medical care, gathering school supplies, and uplifting communities. In 2019, we want to increase our ministry and be the light by helping Christians live on mission and make a real difference in their community.

With your support and involvement, we will find lives to change for the better. We will make affordable and decent housing more available. We will enable many more to live missionally and generously as lights in their neighborhoods.

As we step out on faith to offer help and hope to our permanent fields in New Orleans, Piedras Negras, Mexico, Appalachia (Prestonsburg, KY) and Louisville, there are three ways you can help us.

  1. Pray: Pray for the new families in need of help, and opportunities to serve in all of our fields. Pray that once again we can change lives and communities. Will you pray for God to raise up the funds necessary to bring light to others?
  2. Promote: Would you consider promoting our volunteer opportunities and mission trip opportunities for service to your friends, clubs, classes, home groups, etc.? Many times, it just takes someone to extend an invitation. Next time you volunteer, will you purposely invite someone else to join you?
  3. Provide: CrossRoads Missions and their staff rely on the generosity of others to meet our operational financial needs. To meet our ministry commitments and goals, we need to raise $60,000 in additional funds in 2019.

Will you help us shine more light in the areas we serve? A gift of $50 will keep one of our trucks on the job for a week. A gift of $100 will provide for safety gear for our volunteers. A gift of $250 will help purchase lighting and plumbing fixtures for a family’s new home, while a gift of $500 will provide a new bathroom vanity.

Whether you give $50, $500 or $5,000; we want you to know that we will make sure that your gifts are used for God’s glory and the growth of his Kingdom.

Donations can be made here, or by texting MISSON to 71777. CrossRoads is a 501(c) nonprofit, and as such, all donations are tax deductible.

Let’s share the light!



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