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Raymond and Barb Bodley
January 11th, 2024  |  by
Raymond and Barb getting ready for a build

“Seven years ago, when I retired as missions pastor at Christ’s Church Mason, I knew I was not retiring from serving, but was just not sure where God was leading right then,” shared Raymond Bodley about his journey with Help Build Hope. “Not long after, CrossRoads Missions called and asked if I would join their Help Build Hope team.” After seven years on the road with Help Build Hope, Raymond Bodley parked his trailer for the last time. 

Rain or shine, Raymond is ready for a cut day in Cincinnati, OH!

Raymond, along with his wife Barb, has traveled across the country to lead groups in building walls. Covered in prayers and scripture, these walls go on to house families in need. “Raymond and Barb have been a tireless advocate for what we do,” praises Tim Anderson, Associate Director of CrossRoads Missions. “There are so many men, women, and children who are living in the walls of an affordable home he made happen. Many churches and individuals have been able to serve and make a difference because of their work. Raymond has been our advocate at events, conferences, and meetings where serves with zeal and love.”

Raymond explaining the build prosses to volunteers in Spring Hill, TN

In addition to leading builds across the country, Raymond helped plan the homes, schedule long road trips, coordinate with local Habitats and Fuller Centers, develop relationships with churches, and promote Help Build Hope at conferences. While advocating for Help Build Hope, you will hear Raymond explain their motto: “Building Partnerships, Building Relationships, Building Community… and Building Homes is just a small part of that.” 

Raymond representing Help Build Hope at ICOM this year in Oklahoma City, OK

Barb has also been a valuable asset to Help Build Hope. She helps in deepening those relationships, and sharing stories from the builds on social media. “Each build is unique in its own way,” explains Barb, “but every week we see generations come together with a common purpose, to serve and provide families in need of affordable housing. Not often is there the opportunity for 3 generations of a family to work together in service. Each build has a story.”

Raymond and Barb share parting thoughts about their time with Help Build Hope.

From Raymond:

“In the past seven years this has been what we affectionately called our ‘retirement gig,’ traveling from coast to coast and north to south. What we expected to be only 2 or 3 years became 7 because of the organizations, people and, most importantly, the families we have been privileged to come to know.”

From Barb:

“In our 46 years of marriage, we have always loved working together in ministry and service.  The last 7 years we have had what we call our ‘retirement gig’ and it could not have been a better way to spend those years.  Not only have we had the pleasure of leading this parking lot ministry of building affordable housing, but we have also built partnerships, relationships and community with churches, businesses, and schools from East Coast to West Coast, Michigan to Florida and Texas.”

Everyone who has worked with Raymond and Barb knows their passion and enthusiasm for ministry, and we expect them to bring that same spirit to their next ‘retirement gig,’ wherever that may take them!

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Larry Collins
Larry Collins
5 months ago

Wonderful couple..obviously having great enjoyment from their “retirement gig” adventure in service to His Kingdom.

Barb Bodley
Barb Bodley
4 months ago

Thank you Allie. We will certainly miss the friends we have made across the country traveling for Help Build Hope! And we will miss the opportunity to take the mission field to churches, schools and businesses.



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