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Raising a Home in Texas
January 25th, 2021  |  by

         The last Help Build Hope event of 2020 was special in many ways. Our team travelled to Victoria, TX to partner with the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity. There they built the walls for a home for Maressa, a single mom of three boys: Blake, Luke, and Julian. This site already had several completed Habitat homes, and the volunteers built the walls for the home in the neighborhood that Maressa and her sons will be living in once the house is completed.

         Normally a Help Build Hope event takes place in a parking lot and the finished walls are packed into a truck to be delivered to the home site on a later date. For this build, the walls were constructed in the street in front of the house site. With the concrete slab already poured, the walls were placed in their final location by the end of the day! The volunteers and Maressa, who was present for the event, got to see the house raised as they constructed the walls.

Maressa standing in front of the walls of her home after they were built at a Help Build Hope event in Texas
Maressa standing in front of the walls of her home after they were built at a Help Build Hope event in Texas

        But this was not the only unique factor of this build. The Help Build Hope team also got to participate in the dedication of the home. This part of the event is about praying over the family and the home. Raymond Bodley, Help Build Hope’s Director of Engagement, gave the devotional thought at the dedication. A number of people involved in the home building process prayed over the home and Meressa, letting her know that there is a community of people looking out for her family. They also prayed over the continued construction of the home, asking God to look over the house, the builders, and the family during this process. 

         Our events have built hundreds of homes across the country – would you like to be part of the next hundred?

Please make a one time or monthly donation to the Help Build Hope Equipment Fund to enable us to provide the tools and trucks needed to continue building homes. 

Find out more about Help Build Hope and schedule your event at 

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