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CrossRoads Monthly Field Spotlight - MEXICO
September 7th, 2023  |  by

This spring has been one of the busiest seasons that CrossRoads Missions Mexico has had in many years. We have already received 226 volunteers from 12 different churches, more already this year than all of 2022 combined! We still have several groups left in the summer and fall, which should result in more than a 30% increase from last year.

With this influx of volunteers, we have been able to accomplish a lot in all areas of our ministry, from working with immigrants at The Ranch to the construction of homes in the Piedra Angular.

Our team wouldn’t have been able to fully take advantage of this opportunity without a lot of help, from our interns: Daniel, Brenna, and Noelle, as well as shorter-term assistance from some of our more experienced volunteers.


The Ranch has seen record numbers of residents since October, with numbers staying over 100 from then until the middle of May. Throughout this time we have continued to work closely with Bethany Church, providing   rides to and from church. Several of the immigrants we worked with made decisions to follow Christ during this time. While it was complicated trying to meet the needs of so many people, it provided us with abundant opportunities to show these hurting people the love of Christ. One of the most exciting additions that was made during this time was a school that we started at The Ranch (see video below). Many of the children that end up staying at The Ranch have been out of school for an extended period, and their education has taken a backseat to the more urgent needs facing them at this time. In response to this, we worked with our volunteers in April and May to try to offer a form of school. We offered classes in art, physical education, problem-solving, English, and Bible, with about 45 students attending. The children really enjoyed the hands-on attention, and many seemed to flourish when given the opportunity to apply themselves. As of the end of May, there are only a handful of people staying at The Ranch.

In January we launched The English House, an English language school. Being on the border having access to both English and Spanish is an invaluable asset. We offer classes at all levels covering absolute beginners to those nearing complete fluency. So far, we have already completed two six-week sessions and had more than 90 students participate.

The English House also provides us with an opportunity to train our own translators. We have already had several of our students participate in translating for our groups. Translators are an invaluable resource allowing our groups to better connect with the people that we are serving, especially immigrants at The Ranch. We look forward to both the growth of The English House as a school and the many opportunities that come with it.

One of our biggest accomplishments this Spring was closing on a house in Piedra Angular and Ignacio and Keila finally being able to move into their new home. After 14 years we have new neighbors. The momentum that comes with having a house finished and handed over to a family will hopefully help to propel us closer to the completion of the remaining lots. We also were able to pour the foundation and build exterior walls for a house that will be stood in July. There are currently two other houses in progress, and we hope to complete at least one more this year.








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