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CrossRoads Is Looking For A Few Great Interns For 2019!
October 2nd, 2018  |  by

If you are looking for a way to serve, and are interested in seeing and living in new places, then why not join us? CrossRoads Missions now is accepting internship applications for 2019.

We strongly recommend interested parties complete their initial application on our web site before January.

CrossRoads offers two types of internships.

Summer interns

Our summer interns’ period of service typically begins in the middle of May and continues until early August. Summer interns are assigned to one of our fields: New Orleans, Appalachia, Piedras Negras, or Louisville.

The primary duties of summer interns involve helping with group care for the various groups of volunteers that come into any of our areas of service.

“They represent the face of CrossRoads to participants and are there to help them through the week,” said Cathy Williams, HR Director for CrossRoads Missions.

Duties of summer interns include meal prep, working alongside volunteers on construction projects, as well as leading community outreach events, in addition to worships and devotions.

CrossRoads prefers to have about four interns assigned per field for the summer season.

Yearlong interns

Interns of this variety can begin or conclude service at any time of year, in any of our fields.

Williams noted that yearlong interns “function like more of an employee.” Participants in this internship path will gain a wider understanding of CrossRoads, its purpose and the specific work that is done in the various fields—as well as how those fields are coordinated. Yearlong internships can be helpful especially for individuals who are in the architectural and engineering fields, as they will have a host of opportunities to apply their knowledge and training in real-life situations.


CrossRoads also is interested in interested candidates to intern with our Storytellers, who travel to our fields and produce multimedia content. Each field is assigned a Storyteller intern, whose additional specialized tasks may include coordinating social media or assembling pictures and videos.

What to expect during the internship process?

The first thing interested candidates should do is complete the online application. Those applications are forwarded onto a team that evaluates them, which will lead to an initial interview with a member of our administrative staff. Candidates who have a successful interview then have their information forwarded to the full-time staff in each field, who will conduct a second interview before making the final decision.

Any offer of employment for an approved intern is contingent on passing a background check.

Summer interns will receive a $1,000 stipend, to be paid at the end of their internship, minus any payroll taxes. Yearlong interns have their expenses met through fundraising generated by CrossRoads.

Do you have what it takes?

One of the most important qualities in an intern with CrossRoads is having good people skills. Interns working in one of our fields deal with all kinds of people, from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life. Other qualities we are looking for include flexibility and work ethic.

We especially are interested in candidates for our Piedras Negras field who are Spanish-speaking.

Most of all, the internships are intended for college-age individuals, providing an opportunity to serve and who also want a chance to create visible change.

“It’s a really good opportunity for these college-age young adults to make a sustainable impact on the world around them and see how missions impact the world and what their role in missions is,” Williams explained.

For more information on the CrossRoads internship program, click here or fill out our online application to begin the process.

Click here for our 2019 brochure about CrossRoads, which includes our full schedule of planned trips for the coming year.

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