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New Trailer Means Big Things For Help Build Hope
May 6th, 2019  |  by

Help Build Hope recently purchased a 16-foot nose trailer thanks to a generous donation from one of its supporters.

Help Build Hope is coming off its biggest and most successful year yet. A recent acquisition is going to make it possible to do even more in the future.

Help Build Hope has purchased a 16-foot V-nose trailer, which was put into service officially in April. Brian Snivley, the Director for Help Build Hope, said that adding the trailer would allow the organization to “grow the program by 25 to 30 percent.”

As Snivley explained, the trailer purchase was made possible thanks to a generous donation made near the end of 2018.

“She wanted to build a house down in the Houston, TX area from all the devastation from Hurricane Harvey,” Snivley said. “In talking with her, I shared that our immediate need was a trailer and that the trailer would in its lifetime help build hundreds of homes all across the country. This appealed to the donor and we have used their funds to begin the process.”

Adding the trailer expands Help Build Hope’s ability to work with more churches and have more home-building events. That’s impressive, considering that 2018 was the biggest year ever for HBH. The organization and its volunteers completed wall builds on 2019 homes last year; that’s the most in the 20-year history of Help Build Hope. HBH held 61 total events across the nation, which had more than 18,000 volunteers working across the country.

Help Build Hope has created an online store where generous donations can be made to purchase equipment for the trailer. Click here to see what’s needed.

This trailer is physical evidence of the difference that donations make in assisting what is done at Help Build Hope, and the other fields where CrossRoads Missions serves. We rely on donations from people just like you to do our important work. Plus, CrossRoads is a 501 (c) non-profit, so all your donations are tax-deductible. Click here to donate today.


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