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CrossRoads Helps Families In Mexico Achieve Home Ownership
July 30th, 2018  |  by

CrossRoads Missions is about giving deserving families a chance at home ownership. Just read this letter from the Lagunes Solis family, from our Mexico field:

Dear Rob:

My family and me want to express our gratitude to you and the Ministry of Cross Roads for give us the opportunity to live at ConerStone in Piedras Negras.

Yesterday, under supervision of Amanda and Judy we finally finished paying for our house. I really appreciate your patience and goodwill to wait for us. Now, we feel with a new strong and a  deep commitment to be good stewards of this blessing.

Thanks a lot. May God continue bless you.


Family Lagunes Solis

Alfa y Omega #110

Success stories like this are part of why CrossRoads Missions exists and why we consider our work to be so important. This year, we are proud to celebrate our 25-year anniversary working in Piedras Negras, which was the first area where we served. As part of our work in Mexico, through the years we have built a 34-home community, called Piedra Angular.

Families who choose to live missionally in the homes are given the opportunity to obtain safe and affordable housing—just like the Lagunes Solis family. Selected families pay a mortgage, which covers a portion of the cost of the home.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of working in Piedras Negras with a special Leader’s Trip, which takes place Sept. 24-28. This trip is exclusively for group leadership—such as youth ministers, missions ministers, and senior pastors. Attendees will need to cover their own transportation costs, but otherwise, there is no cost to attend this trip. We also will be releasing our schedule of 2019 trips soon. Visit the CrossRoads site now to sign up using our convenient online registration system.

If you are ready to make a difference, we hope you will join CrossRoads Missions in our ministry efforts. Visit for more information on what we do, and follow us on Facebook to keep up with our continuing efforts to serve. Thank you.

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