A few months ago, we told you about CrossRoads Missions’ Immigration Relief Fund. Here is an
update on the work that is being done. Working in partnership with the Torre de Refugio church,
CrossRoads is working to provide assistance to individuals who have come to the Mexico/U.S. border
while they wait to have their case heard as they petition for political and/or religious asylum.

When we first spoke to Amanda Rodriguez, the Director of Operations for CrossRoads’ Mexico field
based out of Piedras Negras, there were about 500 immigrants in Piedras Negras. Just a few months
later, that number has increased to a couple thousand.

“We as a ministry continue to work with Torre de Refugio, which is a church that has converted into a
temporary immigrant shelter,” Rodriguez said.

CrossRoads provides support for the immigrant shelter by buying and delivering groceries each week,
and has organized a feeding program in which different churches in Piedras Negras sign up, cook a
meal, and deliver it to the shelter, along with a Biblical message. “It has been very successful so far and
a beautiful way for the church to step up and share Jesus,” Rodriguez said.

CrossRoads also is working on building a new bathroom that includes a washing machine. Up until
now, the shelter has been making due with only one bathroom.

How you can help
CrossRoads currently is seeking donations of supplies for Torre de Refugio. The following items are

Toilet paper
Flip flops
Feminine products
Baby formula
Baby wipes
Laundry detergent
Small Spanish-language Bibles or copies of the Book of John
Walmart gift cards

Donations of supplies can be sent to:
CrossRoads Missions
2014 – C E. Main Street
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Any monetary donations can be made through the CrossRoads’ online giving setup. To make sure your
money goes to our immigration project, specify the Mexico field when making your donation, then add
a note that it’s intended for our immigrant relief fund.