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Raise the Roof Hurricane Zeta Relief
March 1st, 2021  |  by

Raise the Roof Hurricane Zeta Relief

2020 brought the most active hurricane season on record. According to NOAA, there were 30 named storms this season, surpassing the previous record of 28 in 2005 (the average is 12). Out of the 12 storms that made landfall, 5 hit Louisiana. Thankfully, New Orleans escaped severe damage, but the surrounding area residents are still in need of repairs.

One of the most significant needs is roofing repair. Blue tarps still cover many damaged roofs. The longer a roof remains unrepaired, the higher chance for leaks and water damage. Our New Orleans team recently replaced the shingles on half of one such roof. 

Hurricane Zeta tore off many shingles, allowing water to damage the roof and leak into the home. A fundraiser was started at the local community college to raise enough money to fix the worst of the damage. With the help of community volunteers, the damaged areas were replaced, and new shingles were installed. The other half of the roof also needs to be replaced, but more funds will need to be raised. 

While standing on this roof, you can see blue tarps covering many other homes in the neighborhood. The need for repairs is still great, and neighbors would come to ask for help on their houses while our team worked on the first roof. 

That is why we started the Raise The Roof fundraiser. To meet this need, we need to raise enough funds for the tools and materials necessary to repair these homes. We have not worked in this neighborhood before and see a great opportunity to reach new people and create new relationships through this service. 

Want to be part of this new project? You can donate HERE and ask us about scheduling a trip to volunteer HERE

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