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Behind the Scenes are Dedicated Volunteers
April 26th, 2022  |  by

In 2014, our New Orleans field assisted with the construction of a new daycare being started in The Gathering, a faith-based community center that has been a long-time partner. Groups helped with the beginning of construction on this new section of The Gathering’s building. Pictured here is a group working on the metal studs at the beginning of this process. 

CrossRoads Missions New Orleans working on The Gathering Daycare
A group in 2014 working on the metal studs in the daycare at The Gathering in Arabi, Louisiana

After opening in 2015, The Gathering’s Early Childhood Prep School became one of the most sought-after daycare centers in the area. A dedicated staff ensure that the children in their care are learning not only about academics, but also about good character. Their website explains: “Our goal is to create lifelong learners and happy families by showering them with love, providing fun activities, and adapting to their individual needs to support the children as they cognitively, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically develop.”

By 2021, the waiting list for this amazing school was so long that a second location was acquired. Once again, our groups in New Orleans were able to assist with remodeling a building to meet the needs of this daycare. We removed walls, painted, cleaned, and weeded. The work was continued by local volunteers as the need for this new location became more urgent.

painting at the new Daycare for The Gathering
Groups serving with CrossRoads New Orleans painting one of the classrooms for the new daycare

In August of 2021, Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans. Thankfully there was little damage to our immediate area. However, The Gathering suffered extensive damage. The loss of the roof meant that the majority of the inside was drenched and had to be gutted. Local volunteers came to help salvage and clean as much as possible. Without a building, several of The Gathering’s departments had to make other arrangements or temporarily suspend services. 

hurricane Ida damage at The Gathering
Damage from Hurricane Ida at The Gathering’s daycare

Now it is easy to see how God was working in advance to prepare for this event. With a second location already under construction, the daycare only had to suspend services for a few months. We are incredibly thankful for the many helping hands that have been at work in this daycare since the very beginning. While none of our volunteers have personally worked with these children, they have made this school possible in more ways than one. 

The new location will open very soon and construction has started on the original building! The facilities aren’t the only thing getting an update, the daycare has also changed its name to The Gathering Academy. If you’d like to help The Gathering Academy replace items lost due to the hurricane, check out this Amazon Wish List

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