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Meet Jim Bougher
February 24th, 2020  |  by

For Jim Bougher, working at CrossRoads Missions didn’t just mean a change in jobs. It represented an open door.

Bougher started in January as both the Field Director for CrossRoads Missions-Appalachia and a Projct Manager for ServeLouisville.

“It’s kind of like Joshua stepping out by faith as he was leading the people into the promised land,” Bougher said. “They had to make that first step of faith in order for the Lord to open that door. The minute I stepped out … it was amazing. We started booking trips that very day. I think we’ve already got five weeks scheduled as of now.”

For Bougher, this opportunity with CrossRoads combines two fields he has been part of throughout his life—ministry and construction.

Before joining CrossRoads, Bougher spent 11 years as a pastor, most recently in Greenville, Indiana. Meanwhile, he’s been and around the construction business throughout his life.

“It’s in my blood,” Bougher explained, noting that his stepfather worked construction in Chicago when Bougher was a kid.

Working with CrossRoads enabled Bougher to find another opportunity to remain in ministry, while simultaneously keeping involved with construction. The chance to spend less time on the road also appealed to Bougher, although he noted he had made trips to Floyd County, KY—the hub of CrossRoads’ work in the Appalachia field.

“We were just there Monday, just getting a feel for everything going on,” he said. “It’s going to take a while to get my fingers around everything, get a feel for what the needs are.”

Creating a place in Floyd County to serve as a “headquarters” of sorts for community outreach is one of his main objectives. Bougher described it as “a place for kids, high schoolers, people to go and be a part of what’s going on. There’s really nothing for people to do out there, especially kids.”

Bougher obtained his degree in Bible and Missions from Baptist Bible College, located in Missouri.

He’s still familiarizing himself with the unique challenges in Appalachia, but he’s optimistic about the future. One of the trips that got booked in the immediate aftermath of his hire is also one of the biggest groups of volunteers to come through Floyd County.

Are you ready to join Jim and participate in the good work being done in our Appalachia field? Click here to book your trip today.

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