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CrossRoads Missions - Fighting COVID19!
April 9th, 2020  |  by

CrossRoads Missions Providing Filters for Health Care Workers Through Volunteers

Louisville, Ky.

CrossRoads Missions and Digital Promotions are using their resources to produce respiratory filters for health care workers. Years of working with volunteers, responding to disasters and working alongside other organizations to serve local communities have uniquely prepared them to respond to the current uncertainty.

“Whether an immigration crisis on the southern border or helping thousands recover post-Katrina, CrossRoads Missions is always ready to help in a time of crisis,” said Rob Minton, Executive Director of CrossRoads Missions.

“Today is no different. Now we face the pandemic of COVID-19, CrossRoads Missions, and Digital Promotions are forming partnerships with local surgeons, emergency room physicians, primary care doctors, respiratory therapists, healthcare heroes at work, filter companies and many others, to mass-produce respiratory filters for our front line health care workers,” Minton said.

CrossRoads Missions and Digital Promotions have retooled their commercial embroidery equipment to rapidly-produce hundreds of masks daily and will be using volunteers to assist in production. Digital Promotions is a for-profit company that produces print, signage and branded promotional material. Digital Promotions uses the profit from sales to financially support CrossRoads Missions.

The organization has opportunities for you to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus right now.

“We are accepting donations of polyester fabric, elastic, and financial resources to purchase the filter material necessary to make the necessary safe masks, and to keep our team working the long hours it will take to produce these necessary resources. The filter material can be expensive and while we’re have a good stock today, we will need to continually procure more,” Minton said.

“CrossRoads Missions and our partners will be donating all the masks produced, therefore we are turning to our friends,  families and those who are blessed by our front line hero’s to provide the donations to make this possible. Together we can make a difference that not only protects the ones we love, but allows us to love on others care for them in times of crisis.  While our immediate goal is to help keep our health care workers safe, we also see this as a clear opportunity for God’s people to show the love of Christ to a world in crisis, and ultimately that is the greatest donation we can make.”

To learn more or see a complete list of ways for you to be involved, visit

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