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Our New Neighbors - Lifeline
April 19th, 2021  |  by
Lifeline project
CrossRoads working on the new Lifeline Meal Packing facility next to our home office in Louisville

If you have ever been to the CrossRoads home office in Louisville, you know that we are just one of several businesses that are housed in a shopping center. Businesses have come and gone, like the gun store that recently closed. When we found out that a ministry, Lifeline Missions, was looking at the location, we jumped at the chance for a new partnership and friendship.

The director of the Louisville Meal Pack Centre, Keri Owens, recently told us “We were looking at a couple different locations, and having CrossRoads as a neighbor picked this location for us!” Keri went on to talk about how the people working in the CrossRoads office would help even with little things, like unloading boxes, lending a forklift, and making signs through Digital Promotions. On a larger scale, our Louisville team is overseeing the complete renovation of the space they will be using to pack meals for their outreach efforts.

“They take initiative and do a lot to save money, money that can go toward packing meals,” explained Keri. “We wanted to have these barn doors that another center has, and they got in contact with the builder, got the plans, and started making the doors themselves!” Keri was also impressed by the spiritual side of the volunteer group, “I love seeing them on the work site – they pray when they get there and have great discussions over lunch.” With guidance from our project managers, our team of mostly retired volunteers have done amazing work to renovate the former gun store into a place of ministry that will literally reach others for Christ around the world.

Lifeline Louisville

The Louisville Meal Pack Centre will start off their ministry by participating in a million-meal pack that will be occurring across Lifeline’s locations. These meals are shelf-stable, contain 75% of a child’s daily nutrient requirement, and are catered to the type of food normally eaten in the receiving location. Their website explains that, “We partner with trusted, local ministries/organizations who ensure that the meals are received and distributed to the communities who need it most.”

If you would like to participate in packing Louisville’s first container of food to be shipped to Kajiado, Kenya, head to their website to sign up between April 17th and May 8th. 

We at CrossRoads are excited to have a new neighbor to serve with and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership together! 

Lifeline Louisville

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