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TCTC 2022
February 16th, 2022  |  by
CrossRoads Missions staff and partners at Tennessee Christian Teen Convention
CrossRoads Missions staff and partners at our booth for TCTC

For CrossRoads Missions, 2022 started off with a bang – sending 15 staff and close partners to Tennessee Christian Teen Convention (TCTC) to share the story of CrossRoads to thousands of teens and leaders in Gatlinburg, TN. Not only were we able to share our stories on stage, but we also raised funds to build new homes in our Mexico field!

Our staff looks forward to this convention every year. It is a great place to catch up with participants and leaders that we would otherwise only see in the field. We get to foster new connections and meet other missions-minded people from the region. And of course, the chance to tell someone new about CrossRoads is a welcome opportunity.

CrossRoads Missions at Tennessee Christian Teen Convention
CrossRoads partners sharing about their experiences on mission trips to Piedras Negras, Mexico

This year our time at TCTC was more unique. The convention not only promoted us, but also allowed us time on stage to share about our fields. Knowing that this would be precious minutes to catch everyone’s attention, we decided to focus on the Refugee Relief work being done in our Mexico field. As an added bonus, Willie traveled from Florida to personally share his story of how CrossRoads helped him along his journey to seeking asylum in the United States.

While on stage, Willie shared about the difficult journey many refugees face. He saw many friends harmed, berated, or worse. Then after arriving in Piedras Negras, a border town that CrossRoads has been working in for almost 30 years, a friend invited him to church. That was Bethany Church, the congregation that meets in the Community Center that CrossRoads built in the center of our growing neighborhood. As the saying goes, after that everything changed.

CrossRoads Missions at Tennessee Christian Teen Convention
Willie (center) shares his story on stage at TCTC alongside CrossRoads Missions staff

While in Piedras Negras, Willie used his talent as a drummer in the worship team at Bethany Church and at the soup kitchen. He also assisted CrossRoads staff while working with missions groups from the States. Now he lives in Florida and continues to advocate for his fellow refugees and for CrossRoads’ work in Mexico.

You can hear more about Willie’s time in Piedras Negras by watching this video.

Thanks to TCTC and the generous donations of thousands of teens, our work in Mexico continues to grow and change as the needs of the city grow and change. You have the opportunity to be part of that transformation right now. Text MEX to 41444 to donate toward a new home in our neighborhood of Piedra Angular or talk to us about booking a trip to serve alongside our Mexico team!

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