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Immigration Relief Fund Update
October 3rd, 2019  |  by

Our CrossRoads Missions’ staff that is involved in immigrant relief ministry continue to experience work that is constant, consistent, and rewarding. Now, we’re asking for your assistance to help keep that blessing going.

Hundreds of immigrants seeking asylum from persecution have come to Piedras Negras. The arrival of immigrants into our city from all over the world and the United States’ decision to return asylum-seekers to wait for their court date in Mexico create a steady flow of people with basic needs and an opportunity for our full-time staff as well as our visiting volunteers to provide ministry, service, and love to people in desperate situations.

These individuals and families come to Piedras Negras from nations in Central America, Venezuela and even as far as Cameroon. Our work with these immigrants includes making and serving meals, hosting gatherings to provide fellowship and foster a sense of community, purchasing groceries, and paying for the expenses at a couple of shelters in the Piedras Negras area.

Due to a shelter closure, CrossRoads staff helped re-locate 20 Venezuelans to “The Ranch.” For two months, we took care of basic needs for these families, including food, shelter, and medical care. “The Ranch” has been a place of refuge for many years and continues to receive immigrants almost every day.

We are also excited to be partnering with a new open meal program, called Good Samaritan. The facility, which is housed in a local church, opened last month and is open from 10 a.m, until 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. Church leaders and members provide attendees with a hot meal, as well as access to bathrooms, showers, wireless Internet, and God’s love and encouragement during these difficult times. We usually serve around 50-60 people a day. It’s been a beautiful start to a wonderful ministry!

There are so many immigrants in our city that want to attend the open meal program that we have started a route to provide transportation to and from the program. This has brought about an unexpected expense and a need for additional funding. Would you consider helping us transport immigrants to a hot meal? We’re hoping to raise $6,400, which will cover the cost of a driver and fuel through the end of 2020. Click here to donate.

How can you help?

Pray – Pray for the continuing immigrant situation in this community and that God will use our talents and abilities to help work through it.

Serve – Sign up here for a trip to Piedras Negras, or find a local ministry that works with immigrants where you are located.

GiveClick here to donate to our Immigration Relief Fund. We are in constant need of supplies. The most urgent current need includes new or gently used backpacks and duffel bags. We also welcome donations at any time of any of the following items:

Basic hygiene items (soap, toothbrushes, etc.)
Underwear (in all sizes, for adults and children)
Basic baby items
Walmart gift cards

All physical donations can be sent to

CrossRoads Missions
2014-C E. Main Street
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

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