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Sharing Hope In The St. Bernard Parish
August 11th, 2018  |  by

CrossRoads Missions continues to work to provide service opportunities for our volunteers and improve the lives of families where our teams work. This year, our New Orleans team is working with Mark Madary, a long-time friend to CrossRoads and our New Orleans partners.

Mark has been an important figure in the St. Bernard community, including a term as councilman for the St. Bernard Parish. He has been dedicated to giving back through public service, financial assistance, and overall support of local ministries.

Mark grew up in Arabi with his 11 siblings in a home just a few blocks away from CrossRoads’ main base in Camp Hope. In this house, Mark’s parents not only raised 12 children, but survived multiple hurricanes, often opening their doors to their neighbors as refuge since their house is one of very few in the neighborhood with a second floor. After all of the children grew up and moved out, the Madarys lent their old home to several different missionaries and ministries throughout the years.

Mark has carried on the tradition of service started by his parents. During Hurricane Katrina, he remained home rather than evacuate and has been active in both immediate and long-term relief for people affected by that disaster.

After all that this house has been through, it is in need of a significant interior remodel after discovering faulty drywall. CrossRoads is working with Mark to restore this house so that his parents, now in their late 80s, can see the home they spent so much of their life on put to use again for the good of their community.

Volunteers have been able to meet Mark and hear his stories of growing up in this house as well as stories of ministries using the house to bring the community together. We hope to bring the home back to life for his parents to witness once more all the good that can come from their home and their generosity.

Individuals and groups who serve with CrossRoads get to meet amazing people like Mark, in any area where they serve. Ready to book your trip? Sign up now through our convenient online registration system at

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