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ServeLouisville Update
April 25th, 2019  |  by

One person, one home, and one neighborhood at a time. That’s the motto of ServeLouisville.

Working as part of CrossRoads Missions, ServeLouisville continues to transform homes and communities in Louisville, Kentucky, for individuals and families who take part in missional living.

One of those individuals is Zach Motes, a College-Age Ministry connections pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. ServeLouisville is working to renovate a vacant house, where Motes and his roommates planned to live.

“That’s a metaphor for the community,” Motes told The Southeast Outlook. “Volunteers will knock on doors in the neighborhood to ask if they need help with projects. That will open the door for change in the community.”

ServeLouisville partners with area churches, which identify families who are willing to buy their own homes, while also living in a five-year covenant with their church. Then, ServeLouisville volunteer groups go to work, whether that means constructing a new home from the ground up on a vacant lot, or remodeling existing buildings to make them habitable. ServeLouisville now works all over the greater Louisville Metro area. We serve and work where churches and families desire to be relevant agents of change and ministry.

In addition to constructing and renovating homes, ServeLouisville also engages in outreach, and participates with existing city organizations on community service and community transformation.

“We want to serve as a doorway for churches and individuals seeking to volunteer in Louisville communities,” Rob Minton, founder and executive director of CrossRoads, told The Southeast Outlook.

Are you ready to step through that doorway and serve? Click here to register for an upcoming volunteer trip to Louisville, or get information on our work being done in the other CrossRoads fields: New Orleans, Appalachia, and Mexico.

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