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Changing Lives Together!
November 23rd, 2018  |  by

Building Partnerships
Building Relationships
Building Community
Building Homes

That is what Help Build Hope is all about.  But it goes much deeper than that.   It is about the young couple In Ohio who is able to afford a decent house for their family; it is the single Mother in Utah who was able to have a home for her two twin boy;, the man in Joplin trying to rebuild after the tornado or the large home build for a children’s facility for at-risk kids.  It is the stories behind the parking lot builds that make a difference.

You have been a part of a parking lot event that does so much more than put together walls with wood and nails.  As you know a Help Build Hope does just that!  It builds hope and impacts our communities and changes the course of a family’s life!

That’s why we are asking you to partner again with us and consider investing a needed truck and trailer so that we can expand the reach of Help Build Hope in the 2019

Ourgoal is to fund a truck and a fully equipped trailer ($45,000) that will travel around the country for many years continuing to impact communities and families through our Help Build Hope events.  

Be a part of that legacy on #Giving Tuesday! 

Your fellow servants at CrossRoads Missions!

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