Thank you for your interest in serving with CrossRoads Missions. We exist to mobilize the church at large into meaningful service. We accomplish this by seeking out and developing teams of Christian leaders that, through working together in leadership, can demonstrate the power of the Body of Christ to the communities in which we serve.

Pray With Us

TextWe are so thankful for the prayers that are lifted up on behalf of our ministry and our staff. We want to make praying for us even easier and more meaningful for those who do. You can now receive a daily, Monday – Friday morning, text message sent out with a specific prayer need by text to your cell phone. To join text “JOIN WEPRAY” TO 40650. You can, of course, cancel at anytime by texting STOP to 40650.



CrossRoads Missions provides opportunities for college-age individuals to serve with us in one of four fields: Appalachia, Kentucky, Help Build Hope Program, Inner City, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Piedras Negras, Mexico

CrossRoads Missions offers internships ranging from 10 weeks to 2 years. CrossRoads Missions Internships offer individuals an opportunity to expand their view of the work Christ is doing in and through His Church. You will have the opportunity to work with people committed to prayer,contemplation, love and humility.

InternsInternships offer students the opportunity to serve mission teams and the local community. In addition students will lead construction crews, cook meals, organize community programs, lead small group devotions and grow close together as a team. During an internship, you will spend time with your team discussions on biblical, religious and social matters as you seek to understand and apply the gospel in the world in which we live. Above all intern teams are to be examples of Christ's love not only in these communities, but for all of the groups who work with our ministry.
This program requires spiritually mature individuals who continue to seek growth in their faith. We are looking for students who are independent, take initiative and are eager to serve in every capacity.

Interested in Applying?
Although serving as a CrossRoads Missions Intern can be demanding spiritually, physically and emotionally, it will be very rewarding. Before applying pray genuinely concerning your choice to be an intern. Then be prepared to listen, which is one of the most important and forgotten aspects of prayer.

If you have questions regarding internships or desire to apply, please contact us by email at, interns[at]crossroadsmissions.com (convert [at] to @]), or download this Adobe Acrobat PDF. You can also apply online (the easiest and fastest way to apply) here!

CrossRoads Missions - Internship Statement of Purpose
CrossRoads Missions provides opportunities for hands on experiences working in the atmosphere of a mission's organization. Our goal is to better equip individuals by providing a cross-cultural mission experience. We hope that after an internship one will consider continuing some capacity of ministry.

CrossRoads Missions Intern Recruitment from John Palmer Gregg on Vimeo.


Full Time Positions

All of our full time positions are staffed by full time faith-based missionaries who are responsible for securing the financial resources for their respective ministry field. This process of funding is often referred to as "deputation" or "support raising".

Our director works with each of our staff members to establish the appropriate financial needs of a ministry field to help ensure the success of that field, the success of those who serve and compliance with regulations from the IRS. In this process a timeline is also created to help the ministry team reach their goal of being a full time missionary on staff with CrossRoads Missions.

Below are links to Adobe Acrobat PDF files for current open positions.