Serve Louisville

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to have construction skills?
No, if you are on one of our sites we have skilled knowledgeable leaders on site with you, instructing you.

2. Who can come?
Everyone, participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Youth groups must come with a minimum of 4 youth to 1 adult ratio.

3. What clothes do I wear?
Wear seasonally appropriate work clothes. Since our work changes daily expect that your clothes will get dirtier than normal wear.

4. What shoes should I wear?
You must wear closed toe shoes and something with a thick soles, i.e. Flip-flops and sandals=no, tennis shoes=yes

5. Does CrossRoads Missions provide food on the job site?
No, you are welcome to bring food or leave to get food if you require it. We also recommend bringing some sort of bottled water with you while some sites will have active water lines we cannot guarantee that. We will usually have a water jug on site.

6. Do I need to bring tools?
Short answer is No, CrossRoads Missions provides tools on all job sites. Long answer is, if you are a skilled worker and have tools you really like working with or know what project you will be working on and have tools that will make that work easier then please bring them. You are responsible for all your own tools.

7. Will I be using power tools?
Depends on your skill level, age and ability, much of our work requires the use of power tools, on site supervisors will help in determining job responsibilities.

8. Do we need to bring money for supplies?
No, all material costs are already covered.

9. Will we meet the homeowners?
Maybe, they also have jobs and life responsibilities so they are not always on site, however they do have mandatory service hours and those are commonly accomplished on their own home. We hope you do but cannot guarantee it. Come back frequently and the odds go up!

10. Are there jobs to do that aren't construction jobs?
Yes, but not every day. On many days we will be getting to know the neighbors, having neighborhood cookouts, prayer walks, neighborhood cleanup, and light landscaping. Just jump in and help one day and you will see you have lots to offer on and off the job site!

11. How do I know where to go?
Due to our different work sites being completed sooner or later than we think due to the number of volunteers working or the work of paid sub contractors, we are unable to tell you which site you will be working at this time. We will send you that information a few days before your time to work through your contact information.

12. What if I get hurt?
We have basic first aid in all our trailers. We will also keep a list of nearby clinics and ER locations within the first aid kit that is located in every trailer. If it is beyond basic first aid you should seek professional assistance.

13. Is it safe?
There is no real way to answer this question. You are working on an active construction site so there is always risk. We strive to match people with appropriate work roles. Your good judgement and attention to the work environment go a long way in helping us create that safe atmosphere.

14. What happens if I have to leave early?
Make sure the staff know that you are leaving and please return all tools and equipment to the site leadership. Have a great day and come back soon.

15. Will I need to bring work gloves?
Yes, but if you don't we have a box of large work gloves.

16. What are the restroom facilities like?
Once we get a working bathroom in the house you can use it, some houses will have a port-a- pot, or you can drive to the nearest restaurant or store.

17. Can children volunteer also?
Yes, all family members are welcome. If they are under 16 a parent/guardian is required to be on site.

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