Where God and the Future Intersect

“This internship made me grow so much into the man of God that I know I’m supposed to become.”  – Noah Mulvaney, Summer Intern, New Orleans

“Walking into a completely new experience, I left my heart and mind open for whatever God had planned for me. However, I did not expect God to work as much as He actually did…” –  Allison Leip, Summer Intern – Appalachia

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The Whats?

What is CrossRoads Missions?

CrossRoads Missions is passionate about community, effective partnerships and sustainable impact! Our fields of service allow participants of all ages to experience missions in a very tangible way and in places they may otherwise have difficulty serving. Mission teams who participate with us are involved in multiple areas of ministry including construction, medical missions, education, discipleship, evangelism, worship and disaster relief. Our mission opportunities challenge our participants to engage in ministry well after their mission trip is over. Our partnerships in the communities we serve allow ministry growth in many areas as our participants join the efforts of various community organizations during their mission trip.

What type of internship experience does CrossRoads offer?

CrossRoads Missions’ offers summer and yearlong internships for high school graduate and college age students who are seeking to make a sustainable impact on the world around them. Our interns join the cause of community transformation as they engage with our fields of service nationwide and in Mexico. Summer Interns are provided room and board and given a stipend to offset expenses. Yearlong interns are assisted with support raising to offset expenses. Interns are engaged in the cause of community transformation and lead our group participants in construction related activities, community events, community outreach, and relationship building. Interns become the face of CrossRoads Missions to our group participants and lead the ministry efforts of the field with the participants.

The Whys?

• CrossRoads Missions’ Interns, whether they serve for a summer or a year, dive into the community transformation efforts of CrossRoads Missions in all their fields of service and learn how to love right where they are.

• CrossRoads Missions Interns make an impact in the world we live in by engaging the community through construction, outreach, and community events.

• CrossRoads Missions’ Interns learn how to impact the community one house, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

• CrossRoads Missions’ Interns have the opportunity to engage in personal, spiritual, and professional growth and development allowing them to harvest life and work skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Wheres?

Opportunities for CrossRoads Missions’ Interns span 6 fields of service nationally and in Mexico.

New Orleans: CrossRoads Missions – New Orleans seeks to partner with existing ministries to enable them to better serve their neighborhoods and to reach a broader community. Ongoing projects include the renovation of homes that were damaged by Katrina and other hurricanes, assistance to inner-city ministries and new church plants in fulfilling their goals of outreach, participation in summer childrens’ programs, and ministering to the homeless of our city.

Piedras Negras, Mexico: CrossRoads Missions- Mexico intends to transform the city of Piedras Negras, Mexico with the love and compassion of Christ through working alongside and empowering already-existing ministries by providing encouragement, homeownership opportunities, Christian education, medical clinics and youth programming. Through service, worship, and discipleship; teams from the U.S work alongside ministry partners in Piedras Negras to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those we serve.

Serve Louisville: CrossRoads Missions- ServeLouisville seeks to impact communities one family, one street, and one neighborhood at a time. With the goal of community transformation at its heart, CrossRoads Missions- ServeLouisville engages churches, businesses, and other organizations throughout Metro Louisville in the quest to provide affordable housing in key underserved neighborhoods throughout the city of Louisville, particularly its West End.

Appalachia: CrossRoads Missions- Appalachia desires to partner with area ministries and organizations to improve the standard of living, raise expectations, and find hope in the grace of Christ for families in Eastern Kentucky. We hope to do this with opportunities to build relationships with members of the community through the development and implementation of community activities and assisting in new home construction, renovations and remodeling.

Help Build Hope: CrossRoads Missions- Help Build Hope is dedicated to assisting families living in substandard housing. We partner with various groups and affordable housing organizations like Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing to bring together teams of people passionate about making a difference to eliminate poverty housing. Participants engage in parking lot build events in which they build frame walls for a home that will provide affordable housing to a family in need.

Storytellers: CrossRoads Missions- Storytellers exists to partner with national and international missionaries, mission agencies and the local church to assist them in telling their story and the stories of those they serve.

The Whens?

• Yearlong Internships are available at any time of the year.
• Summer internships are available from May 23, 2019 to August 4, 2019.
• Summer Intern Orientation is held in Louisville May 23- May 27.

The Hows?

Our Internship process includes an online application, written references, phone, video and face to face interviews as needed, and background checks. To get started, apply here.


Contact Cathy Williams at for more information.

The Other Stuff:

• CrossRoads Missions’ Interns receive a $1000 stipend for summer internships and are assisted with fundraising for yearlong internships.

• CrossRoads Missions’ summer interns are provided with meals and housing for the summer. Yearlong interns are assisted with fundraising to offset food and housing costs.

• CrossRoads Missions’ summer interns are required to make travel arrangements to and from Louisville, KY before and after the internship. Travel arrangements are provided through CrossRoads Missions for all other summer internship needs. Yearlong interns are required to have their own transportation.

• CrossRoads Missions’ summer interns are paid at the end of their summer internship in one lump sum. Yearlong interns are assisted with fundraising to be paid to the intern on a monthly basis for the duration of their yearlong internship.