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Capstone Community Gardens


At CrossRoads Missions, we do much more than build homes. Our main goal, no matter what
geographic field, is to enrich communities. To that end, our New Orleans field will be pursuing a
special project for the remainder of this year.

One of the focal points of our work in New Orleans will be to help with the upkeep of Capstone
Community Gardens. This community garden is located in the Lower Ninth Ward of the city, which
was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A farmer named David Young founded the garden
project, which transforms blighted or vacant lots in the Ninth Ward into lush gardens and orchards.

This area of New Orleans is what is known as a “food desert”, an urban area where it is not feasible or
sometimes even possible to buy affordable, quality fresh food. The harvest of the garden is provided for
free to needy individuals and families. Capstone also can provide assistance for families who want to
start their own gardens and even offers vacant space on its lots for people to have their own gardens
when that space is available.

How does CrossRoads come in? Unfortunately, Mr. Young is having some health problems, and so we
are stepping up to help manage the garden while he focuses on his health.

Our work at Capstone is just one component of what CrossRoads does and has done in New Orleans.
Our volunteers also have worked on home construction, repairing or constructing neighborhood
sidewalks, renovations, and outreach at local churches, schools, and missions.

Whether you are looking for the right mission trip for your family or group this year, or you are
interested in one of our internship opportunities in New Orleans, this may be exactly what you're
looking for when it comes to finding a way to serve. To learn more, visit our website at

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